“I ran into Jerry today. He looked like death warmed over! He was old! Not in years…he was no older than me, but he was pale, almost pasty, and stressed out, as usual. And afraid. Afraid he may not be able to retire, afraid that his lifestyle may suffer, afraid that the money might just run out before he expires. One look at him convinced me that he need not worry. He was already dead. He just didn’t know it!”

That conversation took place earlier today with a friend that has “left it all behind” and found his life! And when he talked to Jerry earlier today, any doubt he had was gone.

Most of those around him thought he had lost it. Funny, kind of what they think about me today.

That was a number of years ago. I know this person well. He was a workaholic, he smoked non stop, he was irritable, and difficult to be around. And all he thought about was money. And he too, was pasty and looked like death.

But then, the epiphany! The lightbulb moment. In his case, it wasn’t anything extreme. Just a few words spoken casually to him was all it took. And then he knew what he had to do! And he did it! He walked away from the world of “greed” and into the world of “need.”

To do that he changed his address…he comes here to visit now, but with each passing year, the visits become less frequent. In fact, no one knows him anymore. He has ceased to exist.

But, he is happy. And I am happy for him. I choose to follow my own path as well, and inevitable separation is already beginning to take place.

And that’s just the way it is!



I’m going to write from time to time about the wonderful (not) world of prejudice.

Prejudice takes on many forms, and it is such an intense and devisive subject, I barely know where to begin. So, I’ll just start right here.

With my own prejudices. I have them. So do you. I’ll dip my toes in the water; perhaps you will do the same. Perhaps you will even share them with me. That’s up to you.

Pedophiles. A waste of skin. Do away with them. No discussion necessary. Yes, God will have final judgment, but it is given unto man to administer judgment here on earth. Are we not to honour our fearless leaders who write the laws and then administer them? The problem is that we don’t have “fearless” leaders, do we?

I read an article recently challenging the term “child pornography” and suggesting that the proper term is “child rape.” Pornography seems to imply consent, and that is definitely not the case!

This is an endless discussion, and this only begins to skim the surface. For now, that is where it will stay. But not for long.

As for the photo? They may not look like this on the outside; on the inside? Probably pretty close!



I picked her up from the police station. She was embarrassed and uncomfortable and resolved to the fact that she had blown yet another job. But she hadn’t, at least not yet. We needed to talk, and that we would do, in depth.

She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t give up on her. She knew she deserved to be sent packing. And now I wasn’t letting her go. And she was confused.

“Why do you believe in me so much? I don’t understand. ” I wasn’t sure if I understood either, but my gut told me that she needed one more chance. And against the advice of my superiors, I decided that she was going to get it.

And she made me proud. And she made herself proud. And she began to believe….

That was a few years ago, and on the rare occasion that we come across each other, I know we have a special bond.

Was her life perfect from that point on? Of course not! But does she believe a lot more in herself? You bet!

Search for the nuggets in others and you will find them. They are definitely there! And you will both be richly rewarded!



20130626-105848.jpgI am always amazed at the people who come into my life. Each and everyone has a story to tell, in fact, many stories. So many people haven’t been heard and they need to be. I will write about some of the remarkable people that have allowed me to be a part of their lives. So many have said to me ” I am so ordinary. I have nothing to contribute.” And I say “bunk!” My life has been enriched by the “ordinary” person who chose to share with me. I hope that I can return that favour from time to time!