It’s finally done! Actually, a novel is never really finished, at least not in the mind of its’ author. But there comes a time when one has to say “enough already!”

So that’s what I’ve done. The cover is complete, the short book description, the authors bio, table of contents, photo, disclaimers, links, and everything else that’s required is fait accompli.

My formatter awaits final instructions. I’m quite sure that KDP and Amazon are anxiously awaiting my submission (yeah, right) which should happen very early in the new year.

My website will also be complete in the next few days with all the appropriate links that will ensure I can be found wherever I dare to trod in this great big, wonderful world.

So, here’s the short book description, followed by the cover.

What began as a “journey of discovery” for our wayward adventurer became an epic adventure into the underworld of “secret training camps,” the plight of an indigenous people, the corrupt politics of a foreign country, and the insidious workings of the multi nationals where laws that applied at home were bought and sold to the highest bidder. But, change was in the air, and Marcos was ready to execute his plan. Only one piece of the puzzle remained, and when Aaron showed up at the “training camp,” he knew he had the final piece. He had waited for over 20 years for this very day, and now it was here!