I stopped for a short visit with Mom today at the Villa in Falher. She recently made the decision to move there from the place She and Dad had occupied for close to ten years. In June of 2012, Dad passed away, and we weren’t sure if Mom would move then or not. She decided she would stay where she was until she felt it was the right time to move. Fortunately, she is in good health, and as a result, she could make that decision, and did, when she was good and ready.

But, we wondered, how did she really feel about the move? She doesn’t always share a lot of information but today was different. She asked me to look at her scribbler at what she had written. I read it and I asked her if I could share it on my blog. She reluctantly agreed. So here it is, in her own words.

A change is a coming
I feel it in my bones
I know it’s going to happen
Despite my moans and groans

I’m moving to a new place
Not so far from here
Will be very different
From all the talk I hear

They say you’ll like it,
Guess I’ll wait and see
I know I’d be welcome
But much will depend on me

No more washing dishes
No more sweeping floors
Will I just be sleeping
While others do the chores?

Will I get fat and lazy
As some say they do?
Will I gobble everything
Or just have a little chew?

My 85 years has taught me
To take things as they come
Enjoy what this life offers
No sense in being glum

Now I’m in my new home
A very pleasant place
Everyone so friendly
Smiles on every face!

So come for a visit
I’m sure you will agree
That this new home
Is the perfect place for me!

Poem by Katherine M Anderson . . . Our Mom